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Kinesiology (pronounced ‘kin-easy-ology’) is a complementary therapy that combines gentle muscle testing with the ancient wisdom and healing principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on the understanding that our overall well-being is dependent on the balanced flow of chi (or ‘Bio-Energy’) in our system.

Many factors can interfere with the smooth flow of our life force energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, disruption in the flow of chi is thought to be at the root of all disturbances in our lives. This may manifest physically (as in illness), emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Correspondingly, when our life energy is flowing freely in a balanced and harmonious way we come into alignment with our true nature. We can then experience natural well-being, vitality, and equilibrium. 


Health Kinesiology is a highly effective and successful Kinesiology modality developed and systemised in the early 1970s by scientist and psychologist  Jimmy Scott PhD. Health Kinesiology is now also known as Natural Bioenergetics.

The original meaning of ‘kinesiology’ is ‘the study of movement’, which includes the working of joints and muscles. In the 1960s a chiropractor by the name of Dr George Goodheart discovered a link between the muscles and the acupuncture meridian system used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. His insights quickly ignited the interest of other chiropractors and osteopaths, who collaborated in their research and Applied Kinesiology was born. By the 1960s, several different kinesiology systems had evolved as complementary therapies, of which Health Kinesiology is one.


Feeling less than your physical, mental or emotional best? Lacking in energy, overwhelmed, stressed or finding it difficult to cope? These are all signs that your energy system may be out of balance. A Health Kinesiology balancing session can help restore wellbeing, vitality, clarity, and one’s sense of self.

A Health Kinesiology session is deeply relaxing and energising. Because of the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit, many people also report an improved mindset.

Health Kinesiology doesn’t claim to cure anyone but in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, a balanced flow of bio-energy can support and optimise the body’s own healing ability. Health Kinesiology is, therefore, a truly complementary therapy alongside other healthcare and medical practices.


I am a fully Registered Practitioner member (KFRP) of the Kinesiology Federation and fully Registered Practitioner member (MFHT) of The Federation of Holistic Therapists.


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