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Fiona sitting in garden
Fiona sitting in garden

On a whim, I tagged along with a friend to my first yoga class while studying at the University of Edinburgh in the 1970s. The immediately positive effects on my mind and body inspired me to keep going and I’ve never looked back - yoga practice is central to my daily life.

After university, I returned home to Kenya (where I had grown up) but had to continue my yoga practice without guidance since there were no Iyengar teachers there. This prompted me to train as a teacher myself on return to the UK in 1989 in case I should ever live abroad again and be without a teacher! So in 1992, I received my first Iyengar Yoga teaching qualification (Introductory Level Certificate) and have been teaching ever since. Today I am a Senior Level 2 teacher and an Assessor for IY (UK) Ltd.

Following a bout of illness in 2006, I came across Health Kinesiology. I was so impressed with the results on my health and fascinated by the process that I embarked on a professional training course which culminated in my Practitioner Qualification in 2009. Today I am a fully registered practitioner member of the Kinesiology Federation (KFRP) and The Federation of Holistic Therapists(MFHT).

Through the study and exploration of these practices, I have come to believe that one’s vital well-being truly does depend on the free and balanced flow of our life force energy. This is the underlying principle of various long-established healing systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine on which Health Kinesiology is based.

Health Kinesiology and Yoga each offer a unique and independent route to developing self-awareness and evolving one’s being; personally, they have both given me a great inner sense of fulfilment and direction.


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Iyengar Yoga (UK) Certification Mark
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